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Cultural Awareness & Diversity


Thriving in a Multicultural World 

Our worldview informs how we live our lives and what we are capable of seeing and experiencing. As part of NARBHA's cultural competency program, staff and providers participate in culturally rich programs to broaden our capacity to appreciate worldviews different than our own. Expanding that competency helps us continue to create safe environments where members receive culturally and linguistically appropriate care.

Training programs, presentations, workshops, and performances that focus on different worldviews help our staff and providers respond to the increasingly complex and diverse world around us so that we can

  • Deliver person-centered care by understanding the numerous, sometimes dramatically different, beliefs, values, and traditions around us
  • Learn to know ourselves so that we can learn to adapt and appreciate an increasing diversity of perspectives and worldviews
  • Communicate and work together to create healing environments, conscious care, and personal fulfillment

    NARBHA's Cultural Competency Plan

    Hopi Dancers

    Our Cultural Competency Plan outlines how our entire organization contributes to the safe environments that welcome diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, health conditions, and lifestyle choices. We provide cultural experiences and training programs that help everyone from the receptionist to the case worker to the practitioner broaden their awareness and appreciation of different worldviews. Through these programs, we learn how to live, work, and communicate consciously and respectfully even when we don't see the world the same way others do.

    NARBHA's cultural competency program for staff and providers offers trainings, workshops, presentations and sometimes performances that focuse on different worldviews.

    Download NARBHA's 2015 Cultural Competency Plan


     Get Involved


    MLK cultural awareness and diverstiy

    NARBHA hosts the Regional Cultural Awareness & Diversity (CADC) Committee meeting on the third Thursday of every month from 10:00-noon. Telemedicine (video-conferencing) is available from NARBHA provider sites.  If you are interested in participating in this forum, please contact NARBHA's Cultural Sensitivity Administrator, Holly Figueroa at (928)774-7128 or email




    Cultural Diversity Services