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Prevention Programs & Services

The NARBHA Substance Abuse Prevention Program is committed to providing comprehensive primary substance abuse prevention services and efforts in northern Arizona to best meet the local and regional needs of communities. We collaborate with prevention providers that work together with community-based coalitions to implement evidence-based strategies and practices in reducing the current alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use rates. By working with youth, adults and communities, these programs can make environmental changes by using current data, proven strategies and raise the awareness of the issues of substance abuse from a community level.

The program ensures quality of services and advocates for greater public awareness of substance abuse and suicide prevention.


Prevention Strategies

NARBHA Substance Abuse Prevention Programs utilize the SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to make environmental changes at a community level. Adherence to the philosophy that "a community knows what a community needs" is the key to make evidence-based decisions with the input on these changes coming from the community.

SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a 5-step planning process to guide the selection, implementation, and evaluation of effective, culturally appropriate, and sustainable prevention activities. The effectiveness of this process begins with a clear understanding of community needs and depends on the involvement of community members in all stages of the planning process.


Continuum of Care & Prevention

A comprehensive approach to behavioral health also means seeing prevention as part of an overall continuum of care. The Behavioral Health Continuum of Care Model helps us recognize that there are multiple opportunities for addressing behavioral health problems and disorders. Based on the Mental Health Intervention Spectrum, first introduced in a 1994 Institute of Medicine report, the model includes these components:

  • Promotion: These strategies are designed to create environments and conditions that support behavioral health and the ability of individuals to withstand challenges. Promotion strategies also reinforce the entire continuum of behavioral health services.
  • Prevention: Delivered prior to the onset of a disorder, these interventions are intended to prevent or reduce the risk of developing a behavioral health problem, such as underage alcohol use, prescription drug misuse and abuse, and illicit drug use.
  • Treatment: These services are for people diagnosed with a substance use or other behavioral health disorder.
  • Maintenance: These services support individuals' compliance with long-term treatment and aftercare

NARBHA Prevention works to be a comprehensive substance abuse continuum combining many programs, policies, and practices to reduce substance abuse in communities. A local continuum of care may include local services ranging from prenatal parenting classes, student assistance programs, outpatient and residential treatment and community-based relapse prevention and ongoing recovery support services.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the need for treatment related services through successful community prevention strategies and programs.


Prevention Providers

NARBHA funds 6 community-based prevention providers that collaborate with community coalitions to implement change within the community on substance abuse. By working with youth, adults and communities, these programs can make environmental changes by using current data, proven strategies and raise the awareness of the issues of substance abuse from a community level. Please contact the program for more information on prevention programs, speaking engagements, presentations, and trainings that may be of interest to you.

NARBHA's Prevention Program strives to advance preventive health behaviors with programs that foster and develop healthy communities and healthy people through collaboration with community partners and service providers.  

Contact information for NARBHA's Prevention Providers


NARBHA Partner Coalitions

Community-based coalitions are groups of people from the community that work together towards a common goal. NARBHA participates in prevention efforts of these substance abuse coalitions within the area(s) we serve. If you are interested in becoming involved with these coalitions, please contact the coalition directly.

Contact information for NARBHA's Prevention Coalition Partners


System of Care Prevention & Wellness

The NARBHA system of care provides quality, culturally competent, safe and effective prevention services as part of its full continuum of care. Prevention strategies are focused on the prevention of substance abuse, child abuse and suicide for individuals who do not have a diagnosable behavioral health problem, and who are not enrolled in the behavioral health system. This is done through: community education; collaboration between NARBHA, schools, social service agencies, human services and behavioral health providers; securing diversity in funding streams; and encouraging advocacy at the local and state levels.

NARBHA's visions for the promotion of prevention include:

  • Reducing the incidence and prevalence of behavioral health disorders
  • Reducing demand and need for more expensive and intensive treatment services
  • Improving individual function through skill-building strategies
  • Heightening community awareness of protective and risk factors for behavioral health dysfunction
  • Effectively identifying, developing and utilizing current resources to address the needs of the communities