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integrated healthcare

with a conscience.

Tribal Services

Preferred Choice

NARBHA promotes preferred choice in providing healthcare treatment for American Indians. Our long-time cooperative relationships with tribes in Northern Arizona include fostering the wisdom traditions in healing practices. That may mean working with tribal medicine men, building hogans, and facilitating sweat lodge programs. NARBHA serves or supports 11 nations, tribes, and pueblos in Northern Arizona, inlcuding:

Fort Mojave TribeHogan
Havasupai Tribe
Hopi Tribe
Hualapai Tribe
Kaibab-Paiute Tribe
Navajo Nation
San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe
White Mountain Apache Tribe
Yavapai-Apache Nation
Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe
Zuni Pueblo



Gabe Yaiva

 Gabe Yaiva, Tribal Liaison

Gabriel Yaiva is of the Dine' and Hopi people. He is of the Arrow Reed clan born for the Eagle clan of 3rd Mesa of Hopi. His maternal grandfathers are of the Coyote Pass People originally of Hemez Pueblo and his paternal grandparents are of the Bear clan also of 3rd Mesa in Hopi.

Gabe is currently the Tribal Liaison at NARBHA. He acts as the single point of contact for the 11 American Indian nations, tribes, and pueblos in the NARBHA region. Gabe works to foster and strengthen NARBHA's relationships with Sovereign Nations and collaborative organizations nationally. He promotes interagency coordination of services for enrolled members; ensures collaboration among the NARBHA system of care, tribes in the NARBHA region, and NARBHA Responsible Agencies, as well as the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)/Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS). Gabe provides technical assistance and training to provider agencies.


Our Vision for Tribes in the NARBHA System of Care

  • Actively participate in NARBHA identified and state-wide cultural initiatives
  • Help implementing those recommendations throughout the NARBHA system
  • Serve as an advocate, resource, and communication link both within and outside NARBHA regarding the delivery of behavioral health services to Native American enrolled members
  • Assist inmeetings among NARBHA providers, IHS, the Veteran's Administration, 638 providers, and urban Indian centers to coordinate and facilitate behavioral health service delivery
  • Help address health issues in Northern Arizona Native American populations impacted by current healthcare service disparities and under-representation.



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