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February 2015

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Cultural Competecy 101: Embracing Diversity
February 13
9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Black History Month Celebration and Training
February 26
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Presentations, food, and gospel choir performance









Notes from Adults and Children's Services Committee Briefing, January 30, 2014

Reminder: Move-In Assistance and Eviction Prevention Program Funds Available
Presented by Barb Mikkelsen

In response to a gap in funding for move-in assistance back in December, NARBHA's Board of Directors approved $50,000 in community reinvestment funds to cover families that have NARBHA-enrolled children.  Some disbursements went to RAs back in December 2014. These funds are faster and easier to obtain than flex funds and are budgeted for all RAs. Contact case managers at your agency to obtain the application. Contact Barb with questions: 928-606-6310 or email:


New Web Portal to Report Incident Accident Death (IAD) 
Presented by Becca Harris

DBHS now has a web portal for IAD reports, and by February 14, all incidents must be reported through the portal.Fillable PDF forms on the web portal replace faxed reports,giving DBHS a faster, near real-time access to information and less room for error in data for tracking and reporting. It is up to the RAs to register appropriate staff on the web portal. Access the Web Portal here.

For more information, contact Brittani Schwemley at 928-214-2207 or


Prior Authorizations
Presented by Robert Fleet

View the slide presentation on new guidelines.

For more information, email Robert Fleet.


Recovery Programs Report
Presented by Jesse Sharber

The Youth Voice group is gaining notice and popularity. Fifteen youths participated in the January meeting, and the February meeting had upwards of 20 attendees. The group aims to help youth embrace concepts of empowerfment and voice in their lives and healthcare. It also seeks to help them become familiar with the healthcare system. NARBHA's Recovery and Youth Programs staff are facilitating the meetings, introducing activities such as role playing and task completion to support their recovery. The meetings are currently held in Flagstaff as a pilot project and will expand to other counties.

The Recovery Action Committee conducted a focus group discussion at its January 29th meeting to gain an understanding of the benefits and barriers to attending the meetings. NARBHA RAC staff will be making improvements to the meetings based on results.

For more information, contact Jesse Sharber  here.



Trainings have been scheduled for 2015. All trainings are listed on the NARBHA website calendar and include a link to register online. 

Trainings 2015 1

Trainings 2015 2a

Trainings 2015 3b


Download 2015 Training Slides


Presented by Trever Davis

Trauma Informed Care: NARBHA conducted an intensive training on Trauma-Informed Care In Practice (for inpatient and residential treatment)at Mohave Mental Healt. The four-hour course included a discussion followed by an 80-minute practical session on case studies and applications. Currently this course is in-person only. For more information, contact Victoria Tewa here.

Inquiry: NARBHA has submitted a request to the state to re-activate counseling for Non Title 19 individuals with SMI. Currently under consideration at DBHS. 

Upcoming policy change: PM 3.9 Assessment and Service Planning includes clarifications of timing requirements for assessments and circumstances that will warrant a new assessment. 

News: ADHS' Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS) will be moved under AHCCCS effective 7/1/16. 


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