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integrated healthcare

with a conscience.


Little Colorado Behavioral Health Centers (LCBHC)

(928) 333-2683
Springerville Office
PO Box 699
50 North Hopi
Springerville, AZ 85938
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Outpatient Services - All Ages


Little Colorado Behavioral Health Centers (LCBHC) continually strives toward excellence in its system of behavioral health care. LCBHC recognizes its ultimate accountability to its clients, community, communities, taxpayers and other stake holders, and funding sources it serves. It is with the following values and guiding principles that LCBHC carries out its mission.


The LCBHC system of care will provide high quality, safe, and effective services as part of a full continuum of behavioral health services.


LCBHC will make services available based upon individual client need and NARBHA member eligibility and service priorities, if applicable.


LCBHC will provide services in a timely manner and be reasonable and appropriate to the clients’ needs.


LCBHC will ensure that care is confidential, individualized, integrated, necessary, appropriate, and accepting of the differences between and among racial and ethnic groups.


Clients and families will be involved in decisions about care and services to promote dignity and autonomy, including when conflicts arise.


Care is respectful of clients’ and families’ values, culture, and beliefs.


Individual Rights

LCBHC believes that it is important to define and address individual rights afforded to clients and the ethical issues that arise in the delivery of care.


LCBHC will afford all clients the right to treatment and services under conditions that support the client’s personal liberty and restrict such liberty only as necessary to comply with treatment needs.


LCBHC believes in the benefit of actively communicating these rights to all individuals served by the organization.



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