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Recovery Programs


    A sense of gratitude manifested in compassion and commitment

    Peer Specialists are people in recovery from mental illness and addiction who work in the behavioral health system. Peer specialists know that they would not be well today if someone had not supported them when they were not doing well. They bring the gift of lived experience to others struggling with stigma, low self-esteem, and the challenges of getting back on their feet. Who better to help them than someone who has struggled with these same issues and come through a stronger, more resilient person?

    These are the people who work in NARBHA's Recovery Programs. 

    Trained peer specialists are in a unique position as providers and administrators of recovery services. They are hired because of their whole health recovery experience and not their clinical education. This means they can focus on the impact of the illness while clinical specialists deal with the symptoms of the illness.


    Shannon is a trained Peer Support Specialist who helps other people in recovery find employment.


    NARBHA's Recovery Programs

    NARBHA Recovery Programs staff work with members, family, community, and stakeholders to build partnerships that promote recovery, wellness, and resiliency. They promote member and family voice in the system. They advocate for member wellness and work to remove barriers that impede service delivery. They work with NARBHA's Network of Providers to promote the availability of peer and family support services, programs, and services provided by peer and family run organizations.


    Join the Action - Recovery In Action

    We want to hear your voice! Join a committee!

    NARBHA's Recovery Action Committee (RAC) is a forum where peers and family are able to get their voices heard. They also can learn about what's happening with peers and providers around the northern Arizona region. The RAC is composed solely of peers, family members, and peer support staff.

    We encourage and welcome all community members to participate in a variety of programs and committees. 

    Click here to view all committees.

    To learn more about the Recovery Action Committee and other opportunities to become involved, or to be added to the Recovery Department listserv, contact Chris Grosse or Jesse Sharber.