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integrated healthcare

with a conscience.

Young Adult Employment Resources - Flagstaff


Vocational supports based within The Guidance Center (TGC)

Employment Specialist: Brett Falcon-Aranda (Vocational Rehab Supervisor *ESE Coordinator)

Telephone: 928-527-1899

Location: 2187 North Vickey Street Flagstaff, Arizona 86004


DES/Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

Telephone: (928) 779-4147


Locations: 1510 S. Riordan Ranch St. Flagstaff, AZ  86001


Municipal employment resources available to young adults (county, city, etc.)

Coconino County Career Center- Youth Programs

Physical Location: Health & Community Services Building

2625 N. King St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Toll Free: 1877-358-6714 

Local: (928) 679-7400

Fax: (928) 679-7419

Coconino County's Comprehensive One-Stop Centers:

Telephone:   (928) 779-4557

Locations:   397 Malpais Lane, #9 Flagstaff, AZ 86001



Coconino County's Affiliate One-Stop Centers

Telephone:   (928) 526-9188

Locations:   2225 North Steves Boulevard Flagstaff, AZ 86004



Northern Arizona Conservation Corps

Telephone:   (928)679-8150

Locations:   5410 E Commerce Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86004


NACC is a conservation corps program for young adults, aged 18-25, who want to make a difference in their world.