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Vocational - Rehab Information


For the past 40 years NARBHA and the Arizona Department of Economic Security/Rehabilitation Services Administration (DES/RSA) have worked together in the provision of vocational services to adult members and youth in transition who have expressed a desire to return to school or re-enter the employment arena.  Through the Interagency Service Agreement (ISA) between DES/RSA and NARBHA, a Protocol has been established that outlines the process to ensure successful outcomes for members receiving vocational services.  NARBHA's Responsible Agencies work with the DES/RSA offices across Northern Arizona to deliver services that provide the tools for successful employment and the pathway to recovery.

NARBHA and DES/RSA work collaboratively to ensure that ongoing training is provided which focuses on the principles of recovery and best practice in psychiatric rehabilitation services.


Employment and Rehabilitation Services

Think Beyond the Label is committed to making the business case for employing people with disabilities. We are a partnership of health and human service and employment agencies with federal grants; coming together to build a uniform national infrastructure and approach that connects businesses to qualified candidates with disabilities. Their goal is simple: to raise awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. Employees with disabilities have unique, competitively relevant knowledge and perspectives about work processes, bringing different perspectives to meeting work requirements and goals successfully. Hiring someone who "thinks outside the box" might be thinking too small when there's an opportunity to hire someone who lives outside the box.  Learn more about this innovative campaign:

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