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integrated healthcare

with a conscience.

Children's Services


NARBHA Children's Services staff uses a team approach to develop and enhance programming that helps pave the way toward children and families experiencing the Arizona Vision and Twelve Principles:

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    1. Collaboration with the child and family: Collaboration with the child and family is essential. Parents and children are treated as partners in all stages of service delivery.

    2. Functional outcomes: Behavioral health services are designed and implemented to aid children to be successful in school, live with their families, avoid delinquency and become stable and productive adults.

    3. Collaboration with others: Children with multi-system involvement will have a jointly established child/family centered service plan.

    4. Accessible services: Children will have access to a wide array of behavioral health services, which will be adapted or created when not available.

    5. Best practices: Behavioral health services are provided according to best practices and are continually evaluated and modified to achieve desired outcomes.

    6. Most appropriate setting: Children are provided services in their home and community to the extent possible.

    7. Timeliness: Children identified as needing behavioral health services are assessed and served promptly.

    8. Services tailored to the child and family: Services are tailored to the child and family with their unique strengths and needs driving the service array provided.

    9. Stability: Behavioral health services strive to minimize multiple placements and prevent crisis situations.

    10. Respect for the child and family's unique cultural heritage: Behavioral health services are provided in a manner that respects the cultural tradition of the child and family.

    11. Independence: Behavioral health services include support and training for both parents and children to gain independence.

    12. Connection to natural supports: Natural supports will be used from the family's own community network including friends, neighbors, and organizations.


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