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integrated healthcare

with a conscience.

How do I choose a provider?


A provider network is a group of providers who work with a T/RBHA and are available to provide behavioral health services. NARBHA will help you choose a provider from within the provider network.  You will need to contact the provider to make, change, or cancel your appointments.  If you need help with scheduling your appointments, contact NARBHA Member Services.


If you are not happy with the provider you chose, contact NARBHA Member Services to discuss the situation.


If you are getting substance abuse services that are funded by the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Federal Block Grant (SAPT), you have the right to get services from a provider to whose religious character you do not object.  If you object to the religious character of your substance abuse provider, you may ask for a referral to another provider of substance abuse treatment.  You will get an appointment with the new provider within 7 days of your request for a referral, or earlier if your behavioral health condition requires.  The new provider must be available to you and provide substance abuse services that are similar to the services that you were receiving at the first provider.