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Special Needs


Do you have a Special Need in obtaining services?special needs


To better serve members and meet their needs, NARBHA has created a Special Needs database. The Special Needs database allows providers to record specific instances of unmet needs through their contact with individual members. Members may also email NARBHA through the Special needs email.

NARBHA staff will review the data and use it to expand and enhance the provider network.


Contact us about Your Special Needs

To include your special needs in the NARBHA database, email, You will be contacted by a NARBHA Member Representative or Network staff regarding your request.

What are Special Needs?

Examples of special needs are:

  • 1) Specialty providers such as specialists in eating disorders
  • 2) Residential service needs, such as services for sex offenders
  • 3) Bi-cultural/ bi-lingual providers