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Community Grand Rounds Presentation August 3, 2022

The AZ Emerging Therapeutics Consortium: Updates on COVID Therapy

Moderator: Dr. Mark Carroll, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Health Choice of Arizona

On August 3rd, the AZ Community Grand Rounds participants and panelists gathered to discuss the latest updates on COVID therapy.

Presenters included:
Robert Orenstein, D.O.
Chair of Infectious Disease, Mayo Clinic Arizona

David M Engelthaler, PhD, MS Director, TGen North; Translational Genomics Research Institute

Sean P. Elliott, MD, FAAP
Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics,
University of Arizona College of Medicine
Pediatric Infectious Diseases – TMC One

R. Nicholas Staab, MD, MSPH
Medical Epidemiologist, Disease Control
Maricopa County Public Health