The NARBHA Institute Endeavors

The NARBHA Institute Transformational Fellows

The mission of The NARBHA Institute is purposefully simple: to advance wellbeing. Translating mission into innovative solutions has been our architecture of partnerships across disciplines and geography, pioneering a journey to a Population Health Ecosystem.

We believe that by embracing the merits and gifts of diverse expertise beyond the walls of The NARBHA Institute; professionals doing exceptional work in their area of knowledge and with a willingness to share their life-long wisdom, the populations we serve will gain great benefit.

The NARBHA Institute has invited four distinguished health leaders to become Transformational Fellows and join The Institute’s mission to advance wellbeing.  The NARBHA Institute Transformational Fellowship is an immersion opportunity with two overarching goals; share expertise and collaborate in building and communicating a Population Health Ecosystem that creates a pathway for health equity.  To accomplish these goals, we will endeavor to develop and disseminate actionable intelligence focused on eliminating health disparities, building health leadership capacity, and increasing competency in integrated health.

Transformational Fellows are part of The Institute through inclusion at quarterly meetings, key milestone events, and engagement in research that illuminates their expertise and may culminate active advisement, a working paper, journal article, production or book.  The Fellow’s role bridges and strengthens diverse disciplines as well as links theory to practice.  Appointment as a Fellow is funded through a monetary stipend, research, software and travel support.