Transformational Fellows

Stephen Swensen, M.D.

Stephen Swensen, MD

Fellow since 2023

Stephen Swensen is an interdisciplinary expert, researcher, author, and speaker in leadership, organizational development, and professional wellbeing. His passion is developing thoughtful people who nurture the mental, physical, and social wellbeing of their colleagues. In his 35-year career at Mayo Clinic, he served as director for leadership and organization development and co-leader of the Professional Fulfillment Initiative, including developmental oversight for 4,100 physicians and 232 key leaders. In the role of department chair, his team used a ‘value creation system’ to improve the welfare of both patients and professionals. As chief quality officer, his team established the Quality Academy and certified 37,000 colleagues as Fellows. Honored with the Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award, he has served as Principal Investigator for two National Institutes of Health grants and president of two international societies.